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TGT: Thrombin Generation Test to monitor the haemostatic efficacy of FVIII and to identify patients with highest bleeding tendency

C. Négrier and Y. Dargaud will perform thrombin generation tests (TGT) of plasma samples from haemophilia A patients. Previous studies have shown a significant correlation between plasmatic FVIII levels and endogenous thrombin potential (ETP) peak and time to peak obtained by thrombin generation measurement. Furthermore, a correlation was found between severe clinical bleeding phenotype and ETP independently of the FVIII plasma level.

Hypothesis 1

TGT might be used to identify patients on ITI therapy with the highest bleeding tendency.

Hypothesis 2

TGT could be used as a tool to evaluate the haemostatic capacity in patients with haemophilia during ITI, and to monitor the efficacy of FVIII replacement therapy.


Before and after starting ITI, citrated plasma samples with CTI (corn trypsin inhibitor) will be collected before and after the infusion of FVIII concentrate. TGT will be initiated by low tissue facture and then measured after adding exogenous FVIII. Clinical data will be prospectively collected during the first 6 months of the ITI therapy.

Literature overview:

Claude Négrier Claude Négrier
Lyon, France
Yesim Dargaud Yesim Dargaud
Lyon, France