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Batch selection

Carmen Escuriola Ettingshausen will investigate the neutralisation activity of FVIII antibodies in the plasma of inhibitor patients against FVIII concentrates and different batches of the same FVIII concentrate.

Hypothesis 1:

Concentrates manifesting a low level of reactivity with the inhibitor have better haemostatic effect in vivo.

Hypothesis 2:

Haemophilia A patients with relatively high amounts of FVIII light-chain antibodies in plasma might benefit from FVIII concentrates containing VWF(VWF:RCo / FVIII:C > 0.3), since VWF appears to have some protective effect on FVIII.


A modified New Oxford inhibitor assay is being used. Dilutions of test plasma will be incubated with standardised amount of FVIII concentrate and the residual FVIII:C will be measured. FVIII inhibitors will be quantitated in Oxford Units, which are derived from neutralising-mixing studies of patient test plasma with diluted FVIII concentrate.

Literature overview:

Carmen Escuriola Ettingshausen Carmen Escuriola Ettingshausen
HZRM, Frankfurt
Mörfelden, Germany